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Écrans Parallèles (Parallel Screens)

Join us for the screening of Out on the Street as part of the Festival International of Documentary Film Marseille (FID Marseille), The Parallel Screens section 2 Dehors la danse :

Why would dance be an outside art? Because the body only exists to open to the exterior, it is only projecting towards the other and others. Outside Dance is not a programme of dance films. However, if what dance signifies is the idea that movement is primarily a «form of life», in other words a way of dealing with things, of inventing possibilities for living a shared existence, a life for oneself and with others, then without doubt all the movies on the screen dance.

Date and Time: 

Wednesday, 1 July, 2015 - 18:45


Cinéma les Variétés Salle 5


37 Rue Vincent Scotto
13001 Marseille